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Innovative Exams, LLC provides testing services to exam providers and testing sponsors through self-service testing kiosks. The exam provider is a company an organization or an awarding body that offers certification, licensure or other exams that is part of an admission process for a school or an employer.

In order to process your testing records we may receive personal information from the exam providers or collect the information from you directly. This information is only collected so that we can provide the testing services on behalf of exam providers, process payment and validate your identity during the examination process.

Exam providers require the collection of your personal information in order to process your certificate, license or other application that is related to the testing process. We do not collect any additional personal information that is not required to facilitate the testing process or that is not required by the exam provider. All information that we collect is stored, transmitted and collected in a secure manner.

Information Collected During the Registration and Scheduling Process

  • We collect name, address, email address, phone number, company, mailing address, billing address, credit card information and your account number with the exam provider.
  • In order to protect your account and to provide a method for retrieving passwords, we also will collect an answer to a secret question, which may also be personal information.
  • Some exam providers require additional information to be collected such as social security number, date of birth and sex.

Information Collected During the Admission and Examination Process.

When you show up to take your exam, we verify your identity by validating and verifying government issued identification documents. These documents can either be a State Identification Card, Drivers License, Passport or other approved government issued documents.

In order to validate the authenticity of your government issued document and to verify your identity, our system scans your document, verifies, stores and transmits some or all of the data from your government issued document including name address, document number, date of birth, social security number, photo and other identifying information that is found on government issued documents.

This data is strictly and only used to validate your identity and to prevent people from carrying out fraud on our testing system. Once your identity is verified, the documents are removed from the system. In cases where fraud occurs or where a person attempts to use an invalid, counterfeit, tampered or illegal document, we reserve the right to store that information indefinitely and to report such attempts to a legal authority and to the exam provider.

In addition we also take your photo before, during and after you finish your exam. Your photo may also be provided to the exam provider as part of their requirement for taking their exams. Some exam providers use photos to issue licenses and certificates, where your photo is part of their testing record.

Your digital photo is also used to prevent cheating during the testing session. A system uses your digital photo to make sure that you have not left the testing session or that someone else is not taking your test during the testing session.

During the examination process we also digitally record and transmit live audio and video to remote monitors of you, the testing environment and the testing station. Video is stored and recorded for a minimum of 30 days. The video and audio can be retained longer and will be accessed by the exam provider if there is an incident of cheating, fraud, testing anomalies, complaints or other incidents that are reported during the testing session.

We may use your email address to send information about your future reservation, exam results or other exam related or reservation related correspondence.

Providing Your Data to Exam Sponsors

When you register to take a test for a specific exam sponsor or when you take a test with Innovative Exams, you give your consent for your personal information to be transferred to the exam sponsor that you have registered for or have taken their exam.

Exam sponsors require all or some of the personal information that was collected about you during the registration process as well as the exam process so that they can process and issue certifications, licenses or process an admission application. We will transmit all of the required information to the exam sponsor. Please check with your exam sponsor to further understand their privacy policies.

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